Saturday Night Live Chris Pratt
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Kate McKinnon knows, at least in part, what fans want out of Chris Pratt’s gig hosting the premiere of Saturday Night Live‘s 40th season: abs and embarrassed giggles. Pratt sheepishly declares that he’s not a piece of meat, but ultimately, relinquishes and bares his now-famous stomach for McKinnon when she hounds him. “I feel dirty,” he says.

McKinnon also makes Pratt open up some—well, a lot—of jars of pickles and gets as close as she possibly can. When Pratt protests that he’s married, she says: “Oh, to Anna Faris? Never heard of her. But she’s welcome to join the party, human sexuality’s a dazzling spectrum.” Unfortunately for Pratt, however, Star-Lord is not McKinnon’s favorite Guardian. Not even close. Look, Chris, it’s hard to compete against a raccoon and a tree.

Pratt hosts Sept. 27 with Ariana Grande as musical guest.

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