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Remember that scrappy kid who talked Rick out of the tank back in season 1 of The Walking Dead? Well, Glenn Rhee has changed quite a bit since then. First off, the dude is kind of buff. He also has gone from a solo act to part of the show’s big love story — a love story that has had plenty of ups and downs. We asked the man who plays Glenn, Steven Yeun, to talk about his character’s evolution, and you can see his response in the video player below. How exactly has Glenn changed since we first met him?

“We first met him as the plucky kid who’s kind of down to do anything,” said Yeun while taking a break during his recent EW cover shoot, “but wasn’t really watching out for himself. We found him take value in himself. We found him grow into himself. I think this apocalypse had made him into someone that is reaching his true potential, whereas society might mot have let him get there. He’s really getting to know what he’s made of. He’s proved his worth quite a bit. At this point we also see him very hardened. Even though he does seek humanity, he does seek hopefulness, there is a semblance of understanding the world that he lives in, which is very brutal and I think it’s this struggle that he kind of wars with in his own mind which is, which way do you go? And I think he’s still growing in that respect. But he’s definitely probably the man he never dreamed he could be at this point.”

Yeun also talked about Glenn’s mental state going into season 5…outside of the obvious of trying not get eaten by his captors at Terminus. “He set out on a quest that was pretty much against all odds and he came out on top,” said Yeun. “He found his wife. And I think for him that’s something that’s solidified a sense of humanity in him, a sense of hopefulness in him that continues to persevere even though he continues to face some many terrible things.”

And terrible things he will most certainly be facing. To hear more from Yeun and see behind-the-scenes footage of his photo shoot, click on the video player below. And for more Walking Dead intel, follow me on Twitter @DaltonRoss.

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