Syfy’s next creature film film will give us many gifts. Let’s list each of them in turn:

The movie has giant fire-breathing tarantulas.

Its title is Lavalantula.

The lavalantulas attack Los Angeles, a city that’s always worth picking on.

The movie has an awesome poster (below) including the nearly nonsensical tagline “Fire Burns. Lava Bites.”

The movie stars Steve Guttenberg, who was in the Police Academy films.

The movie co-stars Leslie Easterbrook, who was also in the Police Academy films.

The movie co-stars Michael Winslow, who was also in the Police Academy films.

So, yes: Giant fire-breathing tarantulas attack Los Angeles and, inexplicably, the cast of the 1980s cop comedy franchise Police Academy.

More details: Currently in production in Los Angeles, Lavalantula also co-stars Nia Peeples (The Young and the Restless—but no Police Academy experience) and L.A. DJ Ralph Garman. The film is directed by Mike Mendez, who we’re told won a Saturn Award for his directorial work on Big Ass Spider! so, you know, he has experience with over-sized spider films, which is helpful. The film will premiere next summer.

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Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC