By Jonathon Dornbush
Updated September 22, 2014 at 12:00 PM EDT
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Fox’s new series Gotham has the difficult task of introducing a number of famous and lesser-known Batman villains before they officially don the costume and alter ego. The show’s pilot accomplishes this in its own special way: by hinting at appearances by the Penguin, Mr. Freeze, and the Riddler with some very, very obvious bits of dialogue. For example: “If I want riddles, I’ll read the funny pages.”

With so many possible criminals just waiting in the back alleys of Gotham, the show will have to clock in some overtime in order to showcase them all; if the show lasts for several seasons, the producers may have to resort to Crazy-Quilt and Film Freak. How exactly will the show handle hinting at these and other criminals? Subtle (read: not at all subtle) dialogue clues, of course.

“That guy is never late. Always knows what time it is too. It’s like he’s the… clock king.”

“You’re scaring me, Crane! You look as gaunt as a scarecrow.”

At a Gotham crime scene:

“This guy would have to be mad to pull that sort of job off. ”

“Mad as a hatter?”

“Don’t be ridiculous. ”

“Look at Oswald, always wearing a suit and waddling around like he owns the place!”

“I hear everybody loves that lawyer Harvey Dent, but they’ll see. He’s nothing more than a lousy two-face!”

“You hear about that wrestler hamming it up on the news? Guy’s the bane of my existence.”

During Bruce Wayne’s algebra class at East Gotham Jr. High:

“Now Bruce, you seem to be having some issues in class. This is Noah Kuttler, he should be able to help you with your homework. You won’t need a calculator when he’s around. Just be sure not to push his buttons!”

“I wouldn’t talk to that Dr. Fries, you won’t get much out of him. He’s as cold as ice! (Also consider any of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ice puns.)

“Guy just torches off. Like one of those … What do you call them? You know, the kind of bug that lights up? Firegnats? Flame beetles? Lighting Flies? Arson bugs?”

“Lester, you’re shocking me with these accusations!”

“Ivy? Be careful around here, I hear that girl is poison!”

“Can you tell us anything else about the perp?”

‘He really liked Clue.”

“What about clues?”

“No, the board game. Clue. No one could ever beat him. You could say he was a… Clue master.”

“That fella’s hideous! He’s got the worst looking clayface I’ve ever seen!”

A man notices young Waylon Jones’ shoes.

Waylon, those are some killer Crocs.”


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