By Eric Renner Brown
September 22, 2014 at 12:00 PM EDT

WAND, the excellent psych-rock outfit that spent September supporting reigning genre champ Ty Segall on the road, dropped a new record last month. Now they’ve released a video for the psychedelic freak-out “Flying Golem.”

With their hummable, Lennon-indebted vocals and fuzzy power chords, WAND sonically resembles a poor man’s Tame Impala. The same holds true with the “Flying Golem” video. It utilizes blasts of color and geometry similar to the band’s Aussie peers, but with a decidedly less-finished edge.

The complete package feels a lot like a 21st-century bedroom approximation of Yellow Submarine‘s trippier moments—high praise for musicians currently on the psych-rock circuit.

Check out the whole video here: