The British Museum
Credit: Harold Cunningham/WireImage

Players of the build-what-you-want game Minecraft have specialized in re-creating the locations of famous fictional worlds. From Westeros to Middle-earth, there’s no shortage of well-known locals to explore. So why not create real-world locations?

That’s probably the question the British Museum in London asked before launching a project to have players rebuild the museum and its exhibits, brick by Minecraft brick.

The British Museum announced basic plans for the project first to the BBC. A spokesperson for the museum confirmed that the project “is still in the early stages and work has not begun yet.” A representative for the museum did, however, post on Reddit to gauge interest in the project last week.

Minecraft players from both in and out of England volunteered to help in the virtual construction project in response to the Reddit posting. The first step planned is to recreate the Grand Court, the largest covered public space in Europe.

While a specific timetable for the project has not been established, the hope is for construction to be completed by Oct. 16 to coincide with a debate titled “Changing public dialogues with museum collections in the digital age.” The Minecraft recreation is part of the Museum of the Future project currently underway at the museum.

While the project should be an extensive one, it’s certainly not the first real-world locale to be put through the Minecraft machine—the entire country of Denmark is just one of many ways the game has mirrored the real world in block form.

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