Update: Musical theater fans can rest easy. According to Disney, a cast listing in which Into the Woods characters were listed as their Disney counterparts on was incorrect, and the page has been edited. This post has been updated to reflect this.

Playbill and other sites, including EW, pointed out that on the official website for the Stephen Sondheim adaptation, Cinderella’s Stepmother was listed as Lady Tremaine, Cinderella’s Prince was Prince Charming, and Rapunzel’s Prince was Flynn Rider. The generic names of the musical were altered so as to match the Disney-specific versions of those characters. Lady Tremaine and Prince Charming are the names of characters Disney’s 1950 Cinderella, while Flynn Rider is the love interest in 2010’s Tangled. In fact, that was not the case, and, according to Disney, all of the characters will retain their names from the original Broadway musical.

The Into the Woods movie has already faced some backlash over potentially sanitizing changes to the plot of the musical based on statements made by Sondheim himself, though both Sondheim and director Rob Marshall have sought to placate fans. “I’m actually really impressed Disney’s doing this film, because it’s very brave,” Marshall told EW. “I don’t feel we’ve watered it down in any way, shape, or form. We’ve just made it a film. But I never thought in terms of ‘the Disney’ of it all, ever. None of us did.”

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