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Great news: Hawaii Five-0 returns in one week. Even better news: EW has scoop on the new season. We put executive producer Peter Lenkov in The Hot Seat, where he had the option of answering your questions from Twitter with “Yes,” “No” or “Can’t say.” Get the scoop below:

Would you consider Wo Fat (Mark Dacascos) to be McGarrett’s (Alex O’Loughlin) main nemesis of the season?

Yes. I definitely would say he’s a nemesis. There’s some big surprises coming up with regards to him.

Will we see the team mixing it up a bit, like having Kono (Grace Park) and Danny (Scott Caan) partner or Chin (Daniel Dae Kim) and Steve?

Yes, for sure.

Will new team member Grover (Chi McBride) respect Steve’s authority?


Will McGarrett’s run-in with the CIA come back to bite him?


Will there be more flashback episodes this season?

Yes. We’re doing a big Kono-centric episode that’s going to feature her connection with her mother, her love and affection for the ocean and where she learned to surf. There are a very Kono-centric story lines, but there’s one episode in particular that’s really Kono heavy. It’s a Kono origin story, in a way. There are also some unique flashbacks in the 100th episode, which tie into the current story.

Will Malia’s brother Gabriel (Christopher Sean) come back soon to give Chin grief?

Yes. That is a big yes.

Will Danny get a new love interest?

Do people not like his last love interest? [Laughs] We started this relationship with this character Amber (Lili Simmons) and we’re going to try to mine that a little bit. You’ll see in the first episode that women seem to gravitate to Danny, so there’s a connection with the new M.E. (Amanda Setton) There’s a possibility for a lot of romance for that guy in the future.

Will Doris (Christine Lahti) return to answer for what she’s done?

We’re hoping. For me, in terms of the storytelling, that reunion better services the story coming a little later down the road just based on the stories we’re telling. I think the audience will see that it makes sense once they see the 100th episode why it’s important to hold off the reunion for a little while.

Will Terry O’Quinn return as Joe White this season?

Yes. We’re really in the middle of that right now, but all signs point to yes.

Will McGarrett ever suffer from PTSD based on past experiences?


Any chance we’ll see more of Max’s (Masi Oka) home life?

Yes. Between maybe and yes, how’s that?

Will we ever learn why Kamekona (Taylor Wily) ended up in jail?

How about I tell you that you’re actually going to see Kamekona in jail? That maybe be better.

Are we ever going to meet Danny’s sisters?

Probably not this season, no.

Any chance to see Tony Archer (James Caan) again?

We’ve been trying, how’s that?

Is Danny’s brother Matt Williams (Dane Cook) still on the run from the FBI when he returns this season?

Yes. That’s a very complicated question, but yes.

Are we ever going to visit New Jersey with Danny?

Definitely we will.

Will Catherine (Michelle Borth) return to wrap up her storyline with Steve?

One day.

Will Steve get a new love interest this season?

In order to be realistic—because it was a real relationship that he had with Catherine—there’s some mourning that’s going to take place. There’s a possibility for a relationship down the road, but it’s definitely not happening in the first half of the season.

Will there be more death this season? Like maybe Catherine dies?

That character can’t die. No, not right now, but it’s still early. They’re a good team right now. There’s a good group of people. There’s a lot more to mine before the early demise of any of them.

Hawaii Five-0 returns Sept. 26 at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.

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