Credit: Deborah Lopez

Iconic nerdcore rapper MC Frontalot returned last month with his sixth album, Question Bedtime, a collection of twisted retellings of classic fairy tales. Now he’s put out the record’s first music video, for “Gold Locks,” and it’s awesomely weird.

The video and song recast the story of the three bears as a cautionary tale, with Frontalot rapping about the ways furry creatures can remain safe from the blond-haired human menace. In this case, that blond mop sits atop a zombie head with bloodshot eyes and a red jawline. Frontalot sports a Boy Scout uniform as he addresses Cub Scouts (get it?) with wisdom like “People don’t have feelings like bears, honey / They’re supernatural creatures who eat without cease / And they bound books full of us recipes.” Yeah, the MC has done it again.

The cut features a verse from Jean Grae, just one of Bedtime‘s many collaborators, including Kyle Kinane, Paul F. Tompkins, and Parry Gripp.

Check out the whole video below: