BIG EYES Amy Adams

Tim Burton may be leaving his world of fantasy for his next film, but the real-life story behind Big Eyes is just as much about the misfits and misunderstood as what we’ve come to know him for.

Big Eyes tells the story artist of Margaret Keane (Amy Adams), the woman behind the now-iconic portraits of children with enormous eyes of the ’50s and ’60s. Her images are ones that aren’t immediately understood—Jason Schwartzman’s Ruben surely doesn’t get it at first—but they quickly become popular, and rather lucrative. Unfortunately for Margaret, her husband, Oscar-winner Christoph Waltz’s Walter, takes all the credit for the paintings, and tries to justify it by simply signing them “Keane.” The film follows Margaret’s “awakening as an artist” and her legal battle with her husband.

Big Eyes, which Burton produced and also stars Krysten Ritter, will hit theaters on Christmas Day.