September 18, 2014 at 04:40 PM EDT

Final Fantasy XV has been through a lot. First announced way back in 2006 as Final Fantasy Versus XIII (don’t ask), FFXV has been the Moby Dick of video games for both fans of the Japanese Role Playing Game genre and developer Square Enix.

After eight years of waiting with almost no word on the status of the game, it’s easy to get jaded. And then an amazing new trailer comes out and everything is exciting again.

Few video game series carry the kind of clout that Final Fantasy used to carry, but a long string of misfires and middling spinoffs have plagued the franchise for the entirety of the last console generation. In the minds of many fans, the long-awaited Final Fantasy XV is the series’ last great chance at recapturing that old magic. If it ever comes out.

The trailer was unveiled at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, and it’s absolutely gorgeous. Everything’s there—a mopey protagonist, boy-band hair, an enchanting blend of the real (cars) and fantastic (everything else), and a gorgeous score. There’s still no release window; the end of the trailer just says “In Development.” But according to Kotaku, director Tetsuya Nomura has been replaced by Hajime Tabata so Nomura can focus on Square Enix’s other franchise with a sequel that’s taking forever to come out—Kingdom Hearts. 

In addition to Nomura’s replacement, Square Enix announced that a voucher for a playable demo of Final Fantasy XV would come with the March 17, 2015 release of spinoff title Final Fantasy Type-0 HD.

It’s okay to get a little excited.

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