By Dalton Ross
Updated September 18, 2014 at 05:49 PM EDT
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Beast Mode Cowboy will have to take his act to the jury house as 26-year-old Caleb Reynolds was voted out of Big Brother last night. He was ultimately done in by his alliance partners Cody and Derrick, who got rid of Caleb to keep the much more beatable Victoria in the final three. We were able to ask Caleb a few questions en route to his new digs and here’s what he had to say about his ouster, whom he blames, and how he would have done had he made the finals.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How shocked were you when Cody voted you out?

CALEB: Honestly, I wasn’t too shocked. I expected it because Victoria was a weaker target and to guarantee himself as a final two he would have been dumb to pick me.

You talked about how important loyalty is to you. Do you feel betrayed?

Yeah, more so by Derrick than by anybody.

What were your thoughts when Cody revealed the day 2 Hitmen alliance with Derrick?

I was a bit surprised. Honestly, I knew I was leaving so half of his speech I wasn’t even listening to. But I did hear that and was like, wow, because Derrick and I have had a final two for a long time. So to hear he had another final two just showed me where his loyalty really lies.

When you guys took out Frankie because he was such a threat to win, did that set off any bells that they may also get rid of you because you were such a threat?

Yes. It was definitely something that I saw coming.

You volunteered four different times to be put on the block. Why do that, knowing the risks?

The simple answer is: they don’t call me Beast Mode for nothing. It was more so because the people that I was with, I was more likely to win comps and keep them safe, so why would they get rid of me. I had the biggest alliance in Big Brother history, and when 8 people have your back, it doesn’t matter.

Had you made it to the end, whom were you planning to bring with you?


How do you think you would have done had you made the finals?

I would have won.

What are you most proud of in this game?

Basically, being myself and maintaining my morals and keeping my expectations high for myself. And remembering a lot of those key words: honor, dignity, integrity, respect and the biggest word of all — loyalty. Maintaining those and just being me and portraying who I really am as a person. All that, and I gave it 110% with everything that I could.

Anyone that does not win this game will have a regret or something they wish they could go back in time and change. What’s your biggest regret?

I would say my only regret is not studying the game enough and winning that last POV.

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