Waka Flocka Flame
Credit: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images ; J. Vespa/WireImage

The symbiotic relationship between celebrities and their personal assistants and employees is a storied one—and often, said stories involve personal errands, late-night phone calls, and a whole lot of crying while driving in the Valley during rush hour (for the assistants, mostly).

For Waka Flocka Flame, having hired help means never having to roll his own blunts again.

Throw away your master’s degrees, because the rapper decided to use Instagram to advertise a job as his personal blunt roller, with an annual salary of $50,000. The application for said job is to use a simple hashtag: #ICanRoll.

Flame’s request for experts in the fine art of rolling a fatty is not all that peculiar, considering the combination of disposable income that frequently comes with being famous. Working for a celebrity sometimes means holding umbrellas on the red carpet, bailing a celebrity out of jail, or being a paid best friend who can also pick up your boss’s pet’s poop here and there. Here are six other unusual services celebrity employees have provided.

Holding an umbrella

Perhaps the most infamous of celebrity assistants with singular mundane tasks, Fonzworth Bentley’s claim to fame was being Diddy’s umbrella holder. Bentley managed to segue that exposure into an album, cameos in various music videos for Diddy, Kanye West, and Usher, as well as a hosting gig for the 2008’s MTV reality competition series, From G’s to Gents. Not bad for a guy whose job started as providing literal shade for Diddy.

Taking pictures for a “selfie book”

Despite the advent of the selfie stick in this day and age, Kim Kardashian needed a little help taking pictures of her backside during a trip to Thailand, which was all documented on the docu-reality series of our time, Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Kardashian had her assistant Stephanie Sheppard takes pictures in various posterior-accentuating positions for a “selfie book” for husband Kanye West (and the rest of the world, apparently). Having an assistant means never having to rub sand on your own butt for a belfie (butt selfie).

Bailing a celebrity out of jail

The sordid rap sheet of Lindsay Lohan is one of legend, and there was someone there to wrangle her out of jail each time. One-time Lohan personal assistant Gavin Doyle was tasked with bailing the star out of jail during an altercation in which she allegedly punched a clubgoer, which led to another altercation that had Lohan kicking Doyle out of a car. Sometimes being an assistant means being just as messy as the client.

Harboring drugs

The legends of personal assistants concealing drugs are nothing new, and that was the one of the tasks for a personal assistant who anonymously shared her tale of unknowingly smuggling “herbal” remedies on a plane for an A-list actress to New York Magazine.

Candle decorator

Rebecca White, former personal assistant to Naomi Campbell, claimed that 25 lily-scented Diptyque candles had to be dispersed according to Campbell’s specific layout—or else. Perhaps Campbell wanted to set up a homage to Backdraft.

Cleaning hedgehog poop

Cheryl Hines admitted in an interview with The Wrap that she had her assistant clean out the various cages of her daughter’s pets, which include a dog, two guinea pigs, a gecko, a hamster, two turtles, and a hedgehog. This is a case where 25 lily-scented candles would come in handy.