Sure, we’re all still recovering from that mind-numbing “Revenge” season 3 finale. But, if we’ve learned anything from Emily Thorne, Victoria Grayson and the rest of the Hamptons, it’s that we have to dust ourselves off and wipe away the blood fast, because revenge can’t wait.

That’s what brings us to season 4, premiering on Sept. 28 on ABC. In a trailer for the soap’s long-awaited return, retribution is the name of the game. But this time, it isn’t Amanda Clarke who’s out for blood, but Mrs. Grayson.

“When everything you love has been stolen from you, someone has to pay,” Victoria warns. “Emily Thorne, I’m coming for you.”

To be fair, Victoria’s family has completely fallen apart, her husband has been murdered and she’s found herself locked up in a mental institution — and it all started when Emily came into the picture. But, is it just proper payback for what the Graysons did to David Clarke? Considering the shocking revelation that season 3 left us with, did the Graysons really deserve all of it?