Sharing a Netflix account with a friend—or “borrowing” theirs—and looking for a way to avoid awkward discussions about that season of Gossip Girl you watched five times? Good news: The streaming service will now let you hide your viewing activity.

Netflix has introduced a new feature that allows subscribers to delete items from their viewing history. The tool should improve Netflix’s suggestions for viewers so that the occasional half-watched 1980s comedy or recent foreign documentary can no longer influence the films and television shows that Netflix promotes. Though hopefully it will continue to title these suggestions with bizarre names like “1970s quirky political thrillers featuring Law and Order stars.”

By heading over to the “Viewing Activity” page in a viewer’s Netflix profile, the ability to delete any item should be available simply by clicking on the X that appears to the right of each show or movie.

A privacy mode is also available for a segment of Netflix’s users, as it currently is undergoing testing. The mode allows viewers to watch without their viewings ever being logged to their activity feed. So if you thought you would see if that Danny Trejo movie not titled Machete was any good, your friends and family never have to know.