By Keith Staskiewicz
Updated September 16, 2014 at 07:16 PM EDT
Anna Kooris

AOL Original’s new series Making a Scene with James Franco debuts this Wednesday, and it features James Franco doing what he does best: art-like mini-projects that require more than a sentence to explain. Despite a title that sounds like something dry and conversational and hosted by James Lipton, the 10-episode first season actually showcases Franco & Co. taking a variety of famous scenes from famous movies, mashing them up, and staging the result. The key is that they won’t have total control over what they’ll be enacting.

“The idea was to turn over some of the creative process to the audience and to chance,” says Franco. “We didn’t pick the scenes, we asked people on the internet to send us their favorite scene from any movie. So we just tallied it up and got the most popular ones, things from Titanic, Beetlejuice, When Harry Met Sally…

Franco spins a wheel and away they go, mixing, say, Napoleon Dynamite with Pulp Fiction or putting an obstructionist spin on things by forcing them to re-imagine a scene in a different genre or genres. “For one we picked two genres—horror and porn—and then we spun the wheel and we had to turn it into a scary pornographic movie,” says Franco. Check out the trailer below and see exclusive photos from the series.