Daniel Radcliffe has been set to play the engineer, Washington Roebling, who built the Brooklyn Bridge in the aptly titled Brooklyn Bridge for several months now. But for the film, which is inspired by the bridge’s real-life construction, key to the actual story were Roebling’s father and wife, who have now also been cast.

Ben Kingsley will play Roebling’s father, John Augustus Roebling, who initially designed the bridge connecting Manhattan and Brooklyn. Washington took up his father’s position as chief engineer after the elder Roebling passed away. Brie Larson will play his wife, Elizabeth Warren Roebling, who significantly contributed to the bridge’s construction, particularly after her husband suffered several injuries that prevented him from visiting the build site.

Brooklyn Bridge will tell the story of that construction and the trials the Roebling family faced along the way. The film is written and directed by New York-native Douglas McGrath, who has pulled double duty on a number of films. His previous work includes writing and directing Infamous, Emma,and Nicholas Nickleby, as well as a stint as a writer on the Lorne Michaels-less 1980 season of Saturday Night Live.

An early version of the article incorrectly named director Douglas McGrath as Cole McGrath. The article has been updated to correct the error.