By Dalton Ross
Updated September 15, 2014 at 12:00 PM EDT
Monty Brinton/CBS

Something weird happened last year on Survivor. A contestant from another CBS reality show appeared on the program. Previously, CBS had imported stars from Survivor and Big Brother onto The Amazing Race. And it also cast Willie Hantz — brother of Survivor’s Russell and uncle of Survivor’s Brandon — on Big Brother. But Survivor — which is still considered the granddaddy and gold star of reality television, even if it doesn’t have the Emmy awards (or nominations, for that matter) to prove it — had never accepted sloppy seconds from another CBS show.

That all changed when Big Brother 12 champion Hayden Moss showed up on Survivor: Blood vs. Water. But that casting at least made a little sense. Hayden had actually originally auditioned for Survivor instead of Big Brother, and the fact that he was dating Survivor contestant Kat Edorsson allowed him to tag along as her loved one for that Blood vs. Water season. But would that be an isolated incident?

The answer is no. For the second Blood vs. Water go round on Survivor: San Juan del Sur (premiering Sept. 24 on CBS), the show has now gone and imported an Amazing Race duo: twins Nadiya and Natalie Anderson. The “Twinnies” — who appeared on seasons 21 and 24 of Race — are a love it or loathe it duo for fans, and I was curious as to Probst’s thoughts on bringing aboard more contestants from another show. I spoke with the host out on location in Nicaragua on day one of filming to ask him about it, and now you can see his response in the video player below.

“I love the sisters,” says Probst. “I think they’re colorful. I like that they’re twins…. I’m guessing that having somebody that has your back all the time like a twin does, allows you be a little more aggressive in life, and maybe walk through a door that you wouldn’t walk through if you were alone. And if that assumption is true, then that means they have had a lot more life experiences at their age by virtue of being twins than they would have being not twins. And I think that’s big life experience.”

Probst also thinks the ladies will be served well by being on separate tribes. “Now that they’re separated, they’re not going to be annoying,” says the host. “They’re not going to be a threat. They don’t have a vote to each other. I actually think I would consider pairing with either one of them. I kind of find them fun to be around and if I’m going to be out here and be miserable, there are plenty of people on both those tribes I would get rid of before I would get rid of them just based on, you’re going to bug me.”

We’ll see if Probst is right when the show debuts on Sept. 24, and but for now you can see and hear his full thoughts on The Twinnies and if we might see Hayden Moss again on the show by clicking on the video player below. And for more Survivor scoop, follow me on Twitter @DaltonRoss.