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Ever since he turned on the club back in season 4, Juice Ortiz has been the Sons of Anarchy character you love to hate. Or is it hate to love? Or is it both? Because while Juice is a man that has made some downright terrible decisions as a member of SAMCRO, he also seems like a good guy deep down. As a result, viewers have been left to alternate between wanting to see Juice pay for his sins (like killing a fellow Son) and hoping he can get a fresh start. Theo Rossi, the man who plays Juice, loves hearing the back and forth fans feels about the character, because at least they are feeling. “I believe any character you play on anything…as long as you feel something,” said Rossi when he called into Entertainment Weekly Radio (SiriusXM, channel 105). As long as you love or you hate.” Rossi also discussed much more and now you can hear the entire chat right here on the InsideTV Podcast.

While Rossi also has conflicted feelings about his character, he does point out one thing he thinks all viewers should keep in mind: “The thing with Juice — he’s never ever done anything without trying to protect the club in mind. Everything he did was to try to help the club. And then his conscience just gets the best of him.” With show creator Kurt Sutter confirming that there will be some big deaths in this final season, many can’t help but assume that Juice will be among the casualties. Obviously, Rossi will nether confirm nor deny that, but he does note that, “There is a lot a lot a lot of death this year on the show. Obviously the cuffs are off. This is the last season. There is no tomorrow, as they said in Rocky. So every episode is kind of like a finale just like that first one was. And there’s a lot of characters that are not long for the world.”

What kind of send-off would Rossi like for his character? “If there was anything what I’d like to see for him, it’s peace,” says Rossi. “Because he’s been a disaster since season 4. So some kind of peace, some calmness to it all.” But things will be far from calm for Juice when the show returns on with the season’s second episode on Tuesday night. “For him it’s just total chaos and full survival mode at this point. And as he gets more cornered, and like you saw at the end of tat first episode, it really starts to gets to a place — if you noticed, he’s pretty shaky in that first episode. And when someone’s shaky like that — and one thing we know about Juice is he’s been taking people out left and right the past few seasons — so as that starts to build, Kurt just really paints this amazing picture with this character, and it starts to really get into some murky, murky waters. To hear more from Rossi on how the cast has been dealing with filming the final Sons of Anarchy season and saying goodbye just click on the audio player icon below.

But that’s far from all. We were also joined in studio by the one and only Jeffrey Tambor, star of the incredible new Amazon series Transparent. Tambor tells all about his brave role as a 70-year-old transitioning from male (Mort) to female (Maura), as well as his time on The Larry Sanders Show, and whether we will be seeing more Arrested Development episodes. It’s a moving, emotional chat that even brings my co-host Jessica Shaw to tears.

And then we were both crying tears of excitement as the lovely and talented Connie Britton also stopped by EW Radio to talk about he new star-studded movie This is Where I Leave You. Will I actually be able to get through a Connie Britton interview without mentioning the words Friday Night Lights? And what’s coming up on Nashville? You’ll have to listen in to find out as we dish out plenty of film and TV talk.

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