By Ariana Bacle
Updated September 15, 2014 at 08:09 PM EDT

The Summer of Butts continues: In Kid Sister’s latest music video, the rapper shows off her booty to a camera when she’s not slinking around to the dance-ready tune, “Higher.”

“Higher” is one of the tracks off Kid Sister’s latest mixtape, DUSK2DAWN- The Diary of Jane Jupiter, which she released in August. Jane Jupiter isn’t just a random name though — it’s Kid Sister’s new alter ego. “I feel like Jane Jupiter is me, but perhaps in an exalted form,” she told EW earlier this month. “I think that it really just fit what I had in mind aesthetically, sonically, spiritually.”

Kid Sister keeps up with the intergalactic aesthetic her name suggests in the “Higher” video, which features silver space blankets and a white, futuristic motif. Her own look is more Beyonce than alien, though: For part of the video, she wears a tight jumpsuit covered in mirrors, much like the leotard Bey wore to this year’s Video Music Awards.

DUSK2DAWN- The Diary of Jane Jupiter is available for streaming on SoundCloud.