Disney is letting their big hit go—over to Fox. The network confirmed Monday that Lea Michele will sing the Frozen smash “Let It Go” on Glee‘s final season.

That’s particularly interesting in the light of Disney-owned ABC rolling out a major Frozen arc for fairy tale hit Once Upon a Time this fall, with live-action versions of Elsa (Georgina Haig) and Anna (Elizabeth Lail) in Storybrooke for the first half of season four. Producers have already ruled out attempting any musical numbers in their Frozen arc.

Of course, since Glee isn’t expected back on the air for its final 13 episodes until next year, it’s not like they’re likely the two shows will be throwing chilly looks across the broadcast schedule at each other at the same time. Bonus coincidence: Frozen star and “Let It Go” original vocalist Idina Menzel has played the birth mother for Lea Michele’s character on Glee.

Michele broke the news with this hint on Friday: