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Welcome to the Spoiler Room, a safe place for spoiler addicts to come on a weekly basis to learn what’s coming next on their favorite shows and, hopefully, get a few of their own questions answered. If you want scoop on a specific show, send your questions to

How is Liv handling motherhood on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit? — Sarah

Well, it won’t be easy raising baby Noah since the cartel that murdered Noah’s birth mother sets their sights on killing anyone and everyone connected to the case, including Benson and her new bundle of joy. Liv will actually find help from detective-turned-beat cop Amaro, who puts himself in danger by going undercover in the hopes of making his way back to SVU.

There’s been a severe lack of Melinda May scoop for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. — Monique

Let me fix that for you: Melinda May will find herself with new duties as S.H.I.E.L.D. is being rebuilt, but her past may come back to haunt her this year. “She’s gone through something crazy in Bahrain that we’ve hinted at and we will explore in this season,” executive producer Jed Whedon teases. Sounds like The Cavalry will ride again!

I need some Blacklist scoop that doesn’t have to do with Mary-Louise Parker. — Charlie

While it sounds like Liz may show a little sibling rivalry-like jealousy towards the new agent (Mozhan Marnò) joining Red’s team, she’ll find out just how much Red cares about her when he enlists someone to shadow her and offer protection. Of course, this makes it much more difficult for her to go behind Red’s back. Yeah, it’ll be a two-way street when it comes to keeping secrets this season.

I already hate this new girl Kitty if her arrival means Sherlock and Joan won’t be working together on Elementary. — Sid

Actually, Kitty might bring them closer as Sherlock’s new protégé seeks both of their help dealing with some issues from her past. And, when Sherlock’s attention to his work wanes, Kitty will find help with her training from Joan. Trust me, her introduction is a good thing.

Any scoop on Emma from Once Upon a Time? I’d like to know if we’ll get any flashbacks on her past? — Alex

We will! In fact, we’re going to get a lot more information about her childhood. “In the first half of the season, we’re going to see more of Emma’s past than I think we’ve seen in all the other previous seasons combined,” executive producer Adam Horowitz tells me. Here’s hoping that means we may get to see Neal again.

Thanks for the Graceland scoop, but why nothing about Jakes? — Etienne

Because I saved it for the Spoiler Room, silly. Jakes will actually go head-to-head with Briggs next season. “We’ve been discussing the idea that towards the end of this season, he was so broken, he was with a prostitute and he let Paige down, so it would push him to a point where he’d decide to shave off his dreads and really resurrect himself,” executive producer Jeff Eastin says. “That’s something we’re really looking to do next season, give him a storyline where Jakes has to step up and ultimately become the hero. That will ultimately pit him against Briggs.”

Can you say when the Hot Seat with Hawaii Five-0’s Peter Lenkov is coming out? We’re all super curious! Thank you! — Amy

I’ll be posting it soon, but until then, how about a little teaser? The show will dig a little deeper into Kono’s past this year. “We’re doing a big Kono-centric episode that’s going to feature her connection with her mother, her love and affection for the ocean and where she learned to surf,” executive producer Peter Lenkov says. But that’s not the only flashback. Stay tuned for The Hot Seat to get more scoop.

Is the MerDer-centric episode of Grey’s Anatomy that Shonda tweeted about a while ago definitely going to happen? — Vicky

I’ve taken your question straight to the source. “I feel like now that it’s the year of Meredith, I don’t know that a Meredith-centric episode, or a Meredith-Derek-centric episode is necessary,” Shonda Rhimes says. “That doesn’t mean that we’re not having an all Meredith or an all Meredith-Derek episode, we’re just not there yet.” So… maybe?

Anything Mindy Project related? — Ryan

It should come as no surprise that Mindy and Danny’s mom (Rhea Perlman) won’t get along very well. But what may shock you is the fact that Mindy isn’t the biggest hot mess when it comes to the women in Danny’s life. Mindy will actually witness Mama Castellano commit a crime, but will Danny believe her?

I was hoping for some NCIS: LA scoop. — Donald

Will a casting suffice? When the team investigates a shooting at a Department of Defense accounting firm, they’ll seek the assistance of Doug Ouellet (Intelligence alum John Billingsley), who is guilt-ridden that he’s one of the survivors, but he’ll do his best to keep his composure while helping the team determine whether hundreds of undercover missions have now been compromised.

Worst news I’ve heard all week: Did Graceland really just kill off Aaron Tveit?!

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