Olivia Pope left D.C. in the finale in a bid to fix things. So did it work? Showrunner Shonda Rhimes hints at what's to come as we chart the cast's roller-coaster story lines

Olivia Pope, Kerry Washington
What’s Next Olivia left D.C. on a private jet with Jake, and now ”there is no Olivia Pope and Associates,” says Rhimes, who intimates that there are a number of reasons Olivia and Jake return to Washington — though Harrison’s death seems most likely.

Cyrus Beene, Jeff Perry
What’s Next After his husband was killed, Cyrus buried himself in his work, but that will all change very soon. ”Cyrus finds himself with a love interest,” Rhimes teases. ”But is this person worthy of Cyrus?”

Huck, Guillermo Diaz
What’s Next Though he showed up at his family’s door in the finale, a happy reunion may not be in the cards yet. ”We don’t necessarily know right away what happened when he rang that doorbell,” Rhimes says. ”Those are things that unfold.”

Fitzgerald Grant, Tony Goldwyn
What’s Next Fitz will harbor immense guilt over Jerry Jr.’s death, which he still believes was caused by Mama Pope (Khandi Alexander). ”Fitz feels a responsibility to his wife,” Rhimes says of the First Family’s semi-renewed relationship this season.

Abby Whelan, Darby Stanchfield
What’s Next Olivia’s absence has brought out a new side of Abby. ”She felt the most betrayed by Olivia’s departure,” Rhimes says. ”It’s going to be interesting to see what those two months have done to her and where she is with that.”

David Rosen, Joshua Malina
What’s Next Before Jake left, he turned over his files on B613 to David, leaving him in a dangerous spot. ”Is anyone ever safe?” Rhimes says ominously. ”David makes some surprising moves this season. What he does with the files is going to feel a little shocking.”

Mellie Grant, Bellamy Young
What’s Next The sympathy vote may keep them in the White House, but expect to see a very different POTUS and First Lady after losing their son and facing what happened with Big Jerry. ”They’re both profoundly changed,” Rhimes says.

Quinn Perkins, Katie Lowes
What’s Next She took new lover Huck to his long-lost family — unfortunately, he wasn’t happy about it. ”The last thing he said to her was ‘Don’t ever speak to me again,”’ Rhimes says. ”We come back wondering if that holds true. Are they even speaking?”

Jake Ballard, Scott Foley
What’s Next Jake got the girl — but her heart may still belong to Fitz. ”When Liv and Jake left, it was very clear that she said to him, ‘I’m in love with another man,”’ Rhimes says. Look for Jake to take a renewed interest in the inner workings of B613. Sept. 25