James Franco
Credit: Daniele Venturelli/Getty Images

Another of Chuck Palahniuk’s works is being brought from the page to the big screen. No, not the still-surprising Fight Club 2—it’s his novel Rant, which will make the transition thanks to James Franco.

As Lit Reactor first reported, Franco has optioned the rights to adapt Palahniuk’s 2007 book, which goes by the full title Rant: An Oral Biography of Buster Casey. The author and Franco both confirmed the news on Twitter on Sept. 11.

Rant is a posthumous history of Buster Casey as told by other characters. Casey acquires the nickname “Rant” after a gross childhood prank. His life takes a series of strange turns as he moves from his small town to a big city, which grounds the book in a dystopian future where the population is divided by a curfew into the Daytimers and Nighttimers.

Franco’s exact role in the film hasn’t been announced—but considering that he’s starred in his other novel adaptations, including Child of God and the upcoming The Sound and the Fury, it’s a safe bet that the Oscar nominee will appear onscreen as well as producing the film.

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