Playing It Cool

Captain America fans won’t have to wait long to see Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson reunite on the big screen. But, rather than in a superhero film, Chris Evans and Anthony Mackie will actually appear together next in the romantic comedy, Playing It Cool.

Previously titled A Many Splintered Thing, Cool looks to tackle the age-old question of whether a man and woman can just be friends. Chris Evans’ unnamed narrator, who doesn’t believe in love, falls for a woman played by Michelle Monaghan.

Though the two have an initial connection, Evans tries to just play the friend when he discovers Monaghan already has a boyfriend, played by Ioan Gruffudd—which, oddly enough, also makes the film a Fantastic Four reunion as well for the Human Torch and Mr. Fantastic.

The film’s first trailer shows quite a few stages of Evans and Monaghan’s relationship, raising the question of just how much left of their romance is left to tell. However, the trailer also shows off an impressive ensemble cast, including Mackie, Aubrey Plaza, Topher Grace, Gruffudd, Luke Wilson, and Martin Starr.

Playing It Cool, which began production back in 2012, looks to be aware of the well-worn territory its premise presents. Evans plays a writer wanting to script an action film but told by his agent to pursue writing a rom-com first. This angle will hopefully give the film enough of a bent to differ from another recent self-aware romantic comedy, What If.