Walking Dead Lauren Cohan

Everyone has secrets. And the cast members of The Walking Dead are no different. We already got them to come clean about Andrew Lincoln’s curious choice in hairstyles, but we were far from done.

We also asked Lincoln, Lauren Cohan, Steven Yeun and Danai Guria to spill the proverbial beans about more of their fellow actors, and boy, did they deliver. Whom does Lincoln describe as “a licker, not a fighter?” Who, according to Yeun, “has a gas problem?” And whom does Gurira accuse of having “the biggest belch on earth?” Watch the video below to find out.

But why just talk crap about your fellow castmates when you can also talk crap about one of your producers as well? Find out which executive producer has his secrets revealed — and what he does about it when he catches wind of what is going on. All this tomfoolery awaits you in the video player below, so get to it already. And then see if you can separate the fact from the fiction. Plus, for more Walking Dead scoop, follow me on Twitter @DaltonRoss. Okay, take it away, gang…

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