September 11, 2014 at 12:00 PM EDT

Apparently deciding that one stint out in the wild was not enough, a former Survivor contestant has returned to rough it out in the elements, but he forgot one thing: his clothes. That’s right, a former Survivor player will be appearing on this Sunday’s episode of Naked & Afraid on Discovery at 10pm. Who’s the adventurous chap of which we speak?

Michael Jefferson was the eighth person eliminated on Survivor: One World, a season that was known for two tribes living on the same beach but competing against each other, and the all-male tribe agreeing to go to Tribal Council and vote someone out — even though they had just won an immunity challenge. (Something that still throws me into occasional fits of pure rage.) That season filmed in Samoa, and apparently Jefferson liked the experience enough that he decided to test his mettle by doing another outdoor adventure, but this time while naked with a complete stranger for 21 days.

A banker in Seattle, Jefferson will be joined by a female Rhode Island bartender to live off the land on the barren plains of Botswana. There they will experience “intense heat, extremely limited resources and a watering hole filled with animal waste.” AWESOME! Can they make it 21 days by themselves with no food, no water, and no clothes? I have no idea. But you can get an exclusive sneak peek of their journey right here and right now by clicking on the video player below. Enjoy all the blurred out body parts.

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