By Joshua Rivera
September 11, 2014 at 04:52 PM EDT

Though it’s a studio that makes games about shooting aliens, Bungie has always managed to score its creations with grand, operatic themes that are often quite pretty. You can thank the studio’s former composer Marty O’Donnell for that—O’Donnell’s sounds filled every major Bungie release, and although he was fired in April, he’s still responsible for a large portion of the music you’ll hear in Destiny, the studio’s latest, biggest game. To the surprise of many, some of that music involves Paul McCartney. Yes, that Paul McCartney.

McCartney’s involvement was announced two years ago via his Twitter account, but outside of that brief announcement, not much else was known. The former Beatle was reported to have co-scored and written a theme for the game, but no further details were announced. But now that Destiny is finally out, fans and users can hear McCartney’s theme for themselves, tucked away in the game’s end credits.

It is not very good.

Titled “Hope For The Future,” it sounds like something Elton John would write for a sequel to The Lion King, but in space and with everything that makes Disney soundtracks catchy thrown out the airlock.

According to Vulture, McCartney did it for the creativity, and there was “no check involved.”