September 11, 2014 at 06:30 PM EDT

After nine weeks of climbing, Meghan Trainor’s breakout single “All About That Bass” has finally reached the top spot on the Hot 100, moving up from No. 2 last week. It’s a big deal for a promising young artist and one of the more charming contenders for Song of Summer title, but the bigger news might be who she beat for the position: Taylor Swift, whose “Shake It Off” slips to No. 2 after just two weeks at No. 1.

“Shake” easily debuted there thanks to a half million in sales and 50 million YouTube plays in its first week out, but its reign atop the chart was almost noticeably brief compared to other recent number ones. Magic!’s “Rude” spent six straight weeks there before “Shake” knocked it out, and Iggy Azalea and Charli XCX’s “Fancy” spent seven. Swift’s sworn enemy Katy Perry spent four weeks at No. 1 at the beginning of the year with “Dark Horse,” while Pharrell’s colossal “Happy” held the position for an impressive 10 weeks. Even John Legend’s milquetoast “All of Me” held the spot for a week longer than “Shake.”

Swift’s arguably the biggest female pop star in the world right now—or at least she’s very good at making it seem that way, with her ability to turn an album announcement infomercial into a major global media event and her fascinatingly eccentric Rolling Stone cover story. But Lady Gaga was arguably the biggest female pop star in the world when she released Artpop, before “Applause” stalled out at No. 4 and people started talking about her in the past tense.

“Shake”‘s inability to dominate the top spot like Magic! or Iggy could mean that Swift’s seemingly iron grip on the pop world is starting to slip. Or it could just mean that the lead single from her upcoming album 1989 isn’t the strongest one on the record. But either way, getting outperformed by a Canadian reggae band isn’t a good look for someone who’s supposed to be unbeatable right now.

Further down, this week’s new additions to the chart include Big & Rich’s “Look at You” (at No. 100) DJ Khaled’s all-star R&B team-up “Hold You Down (feat. Chris Brown, August Alsina, Future, & Jeremih)” (No. 98), and Jeezy and Jay Z’s “Seen It All” (No. 85). “Same Love” singer Mary Lambert makes her first solo appearance on the Hot 100 with “Secrets,” while Nicki Minaj claims a sixth spot on the current Hot 100 with her appearance on Trey Songz’s “Touchin, Lovin.” And debuting at No. 71 this week is Jason Aldean’s latest addition to the bro-country canon, “Sweet Little Somethin’,” which sounds exactly like the title suggests, just with more rave synths and somehow more sexism. In the future when someone needs a music cue that’s “so 2014,” it should do just fine.

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