Each week after every eviction, host Julie Chen will answer a few of EW’s burning questions about the latest episode of Big Brother.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Julie, did you think there was any possible chance whatsoever that one of these people was not going to press the BB Rewind button?

JULIE CHEN: There was no chance in “you know where” that these houseguests were NOT pressing the button. These are hard core die hard fans! If they didn’t press the button, they wouldn’t deserve to be there.

What about you? Would you have pressed the button if you were in the house?

Yes, I would have pressed it in a heartbeat. You gotta play the game full tilt!

Whose game did the Rewind help and hurt the most? I would guess Victoria and Frankie.

The rewind hurt Frankie the most. He now could get evicted next. It didn’t really help Victoria but it did buy her some time. It probably helped Derrick the most cause now his biggest competitor for winning the whole thing, aka Frankie, is no longer safe this week and could get bounced. If he doesn’t win HOH or veto then he will most likely be sitting with me on Tuesday.

We’ll find out on The Talk today whether viewers voted for you get one big tarantula or lots of little ones crawling all over your face. Which would you prefer?

I keep going back and forth on which is better….or shall I say less terrifying. I think right now one big one because what if the multiple spiders decide to have a rumble with each other on my face? Not good. Wish me luck on The Talk today! (2pm ET/1pm PT/CT CBS of course!)

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