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Before Amy Dunne, the protagonist of Gillian Flynn’s novel and the upcoming film Gone Girl, went missing, she was apparently really into Pinterest. At least, that’s what a new bit of viral marketing would have us believe.

Yesterday, an account associated with the movie tweeted: “Discover who Amy Dunne was before she went missing through the pins she’s left behind at .”

On one hand, surfing through recipes pinned by a fictional woman who has potentially been murdered is a little silly. But if you decide to dig a little deeper, the piece of promotion is actually sort of ingenious. Many of the Pins are adorned with excerpts from the diary entries that make up part of Flynn’s book. Readers are supposed to analyze Amy’s words in relation to her husband’s accounts of events surrounding her disappearance. The Pinterest asks audiences to do the same thing: construct a picture of Amy’s life—or at least the way Amy would have wanted her life presented. (No spoilers here!)

The Pinterest shows a woman who loves New York but is settling into life in Missouri and who dotes after her husband, taking an interest in his business, a bar. A photo of a rug on the “City Girl” board is accompanied by the phrase, “Last night we sat on the old Persian rug, drinking wine and listening to the vinyl scratches as the sky went dark,” giving a picture of early marital bliss. Some of the other pins, though, aren’t quite as on point. The seemingly cheery caption for an artisan-looking jar of pickles on the “Call Me Missouri” board—”No gathering is complete without a lazy Susan full of pickles”—comes off as more critical in the text.

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