By Anthony Breznican
Updated September 10, 2014 at 09:52 PM EDT

The level of amazement you feel looking at the lights reflected in director J.J. Abrams’ latest postcard from the set of Star Wars: Episode VII depends on how utterly flabbergasted you are to discover that the set of this new film will look Star Wars-y.

Abrams’ love letter to a new Apple product, which he shared on Twitter Tuesday, has caused a stir among fans who note the background reflects a design previously seen in fortifications controlled by the Empire.

Maybe some are just giddy because the prequels strayed so far from the old-school Star Wars aesthetic, and it’s a relief to see design work that has the texture of the original trilogy. Or perhaps some die-hards are just so desperate for any scrap of information about this movie that they’re like starved and dehydrated wanderers in the hardscrabble landscape of Tatooine, lapping up whatever droplets they can find on an abandoned moisture farm.

Either way, here’s another mindblower for you: As has been reported many times, including when a part of the door fell on Harrison Ford and broke his leg, there will be full-scale versions of the Millennium Falcon in this movie.

Amid all the secrecy surrounding Episode VII, one thing Lucasfilm can’t do is police the sky, and an intrepid air tourism company flew a mission over the Shepperton Studios set, capturing this image of Han Solo’s bisected bird.

There’s also an X-Wing fighter that appears to be wrapped as a birthday present. (Or to protect it from the weather — each is equally possible.)

Perhaps they can trade it to Apple for one of those fancy watches?