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In anticipation for the season 3 premiere of Nashville, Connie Britton stopped by EW Radio (SiriusXM 105) to talk about the show, and what it feels like to be proposed to all the time.

EW: So Dalton brought up Nashville, and I have to ask you, because season 3 is coming back. We left season 2 with Rayna Jaymes in quite a predicament. She’s marrying everyone, she’s just marrying everyone.

CONNIE BRITTON: I love that it’s a predicament, I love that being proposed to twice in one day is being considered a predicament. Poor Rayna.

It happens to Jessica all the time.

Well guys, it happens to me all the time, oh and I will tell you, what a predicament. Poor Rayna. Yeah, so that happened.

And by two such unattractive men.

I know! They’re both a couple of schlubs. I mean, she just doesn’t have a lot of great choices.

Could you at least share Deacon with us?

[Laughs]. Well um, you know, yeah, that happened. And now we’re gonna…we start the season right where we left off. So, Rayna will be contemplating her future, making some choices. Will they be good choices or will they be bad choices? We don’t know.

Do you feel like there’s an overall theme to the season, like an overall arc that we’re going to see in season 3?

Um. Drama, drama, drama. Always. I’m hopeful and I think there’s an intention in season 3 to really shed even more light on kind of the business side of things, which I always think is really interesting about the show.

We’ve talked about this. That’s my favorite aspect of the show, when you look at the music industry stuff.

Well, because to me, and what I always liked the idea of this early on, (is) using Nashville as a microcosm for really what’s happening in the entertainment industry, and really in the world with all the new forms of media, and what’s that doing to music and to film and television, and the rest of it. It’s completely changing the industry, and I think that stuff is really interesting. It’s very relatable to audiences, and I think I’m hopeful that we’re going be having a lot more of that this year, and seeing that through the eyes and the journeys of all the different characters.

Have you record some songs yet for it?

I have. I just finished recording a song, and I’ve got a couple more coming up, and I did a really fun thing a couple weeks ago when we performed at GMA. We performed a song at Good Morning America, which was actually a blast and for me, it was quite an experience. I was trying to figure out why, because it’s that huge audience in the park, which was just, being in Central Park, and performing at an audience that’s so iconic. We perform in front of big audiences on the show too, but, I don’t know, there was something about that that I was just like, ‘Oh my gosh, this is the real deal.’ So it’s fun, so I keep having those experiences, which are exciting.

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