It’s time to put some rumors to rest: Apple has finally unveiled its big wearable, and it’s called the Apple Watch.

The device will work seamlessly with iPhones, and has an entirely new interface—one focused on the old-school dial you have on regular watches.

No word on cost or availability yet.

Apple Watch was announced Tuesday morning at Apple’s event in Cupertino, California. For complete coverage, check out our liveblog here.


In the interest of time, Apple CEO Tim Cook couldn’t go over the Apple Watch features exhaustively, but here are the highlights: the screen can sense touch and force, telling the difference between a touch and a tap. Apple Watch will also give force feedback, and charge via magnet charger in the back.

Apple Watch comes in two sizes, and will come in three distinct collections: Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition. Standard, athletic, and luxury, respectively.

Apple Watch is coming in 2015, and starts at $349.

You’ll need an iPhone 5 or later to use it.