Once Upon A Time Frozen 05
Credit: Katie Yu/ABC

Will Elsa find a way to control her powers? It sounds like that’ll be the goal when Once Upon a Time brings Frozen‘s characters to life on ABC this fall.

As we all know from the film, Elsa and Anna’s parents perished during a sea voyage. A newly released logline for the season premiere reveals that when the two set sail from Arendelle, they were actually headed toward a mysterious destination that could hold the secret to containing Elsa’s out-of-control abilities. Once Upon a Time‘s take on Anna plans to finish their journey to discover what (or maybe who) they were looking for—against her sister’s wishes.

Speaking of Elsa’s frost magic: When she arrives in Storybrooke in the present day, she’ll protect herself from the town’s residents by creating a powerful snow monster. Here’s hoping it looks like this:


Elsewhere in town: Regina will ponder whether her future with Robin Hood is over, now that his wife is back in the picture, Mr. Gold will uncover an object that makes him question whether he should actually give Belle the dagger that controls him, and Hook is not too happy that Emma has been avoiding him in a bid to comfort Regina.

Once Upon a Time’s season premiere, aptly titled “A Tale of Two Sisters,” will air Sept. 28 at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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