Key And Peele
Credit: Comedy Central

Comedy Central’s Key & Peele has debuted a number of memorable characters over its first three seasons, but few are more memorable than Luther, President Obama’s anger translator. He and the president are taking a break from their regular addresses to the American people, however, to premiere “Where You At,” an exclusive new music video that brings some of Key & Peele‘s favorites together for the first time.

While Luther and the POTUS take center stage, you’ll also recognize recurring characters Wendell Sanders, Meegan, and a few oddly named football players.

The lyrics make reference to even more of Key & Peele‘s funniest sketches, including a couple of valet attendants who love Liam Neeson, a math pun, and many more.While the pair is likely to debut new characters when the show returns on Sept. 24, it would be surprising if viewers don’t see Luther, Hingle McCringleberry, or a pair of the Batmans fans at least one more time.