Scotland is set to hold a historic referendum vote on Sept. 18 to decide whether or not the divided country should separate from the United Kingdom and become an independent nation, and world-famous British author J.K. Rowling has taken to Twitter to express her opposition to Scottish independence. On Sept. 6, the Harry Potter series author tweeted, “People before flags, answers not slogans, reason not ranting, unity not enmity #bettertogether.”

Rowling also took to Twitter to support a measure being billed as a compromise, writing “I sincerely hope that the rumours in the Sunday papers that we are about to be offered Devo Max are true”—referring to a vote that could significantly increase Scotland’s fiscal and political independence while maintaining its ties to the U.K.

In June, Rowling donated £1 million to the Better Together campaign and wrote a lengthy statement explaining her position, for which she has received some backlash.Rowling’s concerns include the loss of social welfare benefits for Scots, the fragile state of the country’s economy, a rapidly depleting oil and gas supply, and funding cuts for medical research.

Rowling has been criticized for her highly publicized stance on the matter and large donation. In her statement in June, Rowling wrote about “a fringe of nationalists who like to demonise anyone who is not blindly and unquestionably pro-independence”—likening them to Death Eaters for judging her as “‘insufficiently Scottish’ to have a valid view,” based on her bloodline.