By Madison Vain
September 05, 2014 at 02:01 PM EDT

One of the biggest stories to come out of this year’s Burning Man centers around one Mister Diplo and his Jack U partner, Skrillex. Were they or weren’t they booed off the stage? Did they fill in for a high-maintenance Seth Troxler? Did Robot Heart really kick out Troxler’s crew?

Initial reports from the desert claimed that Troxler refused to perform his set at the Robot Heart stage when his crew was denied stage access, leaving the the team to scramble, booking Jack U last-minute (the duo was already in town for other sets throughout the weekend). Several firsthand accounts began emerging that the their set was cut short as Diplo and Skrillex were booed off the stage upon playing DJ Snake’s “Turn Down for What.”

As the story gained traction, Diplo responded with his account.

First, with a little humor,

and then with an expanded version saying that he and Skrillex were not booed off the stage but rather ended the set with an “inside joke” [“Turn Down for What”], that it was all in good fun, that the Seth Troxler rumors were also false, that Jack U happily went on to play a variety of well-received sets at different stages throughout the festival and that, basically, everyone had the time of their lives.

His entire post can be read here.

The truth is somewhere out in that desert, and chances are we’ll never know what really happened.

What we do know, however, is how Diplo has filled all his free time after eight (eight) sets at Burning Man.

He and Skrillex played a Mad Decent Block Party set in Dallas,

And then headed to Vegas. Diplo hosted Major Lazer Sunday at Encore Beach Club,

and Mad Decent Monday at XS with Skrillex where they played a four-hour set (does someone want to add up the run-time of the Jack U performance schedule this week?).

And then they released “Take U There” featuring Kiesza on the their Soundcloud page. Diplo and Kiesza debuted the song at MDBP Brooklyn earlier in August; this is the official live recording.

As it’s already been played a million times (plus the three times I’ve played it today), I think we can assume Diplo has another hit on his hands. Listen to the track below and wish with all your wishes that the full Jack U album releases sooner rather than later.

[soundcloud url="" params="visual=true&show_artwork=true&maxwidth=500&maxheight=750" width="100%" height="400" iframe="true" /]

And in more serious news,  Nicky Da B passed away on Tuesday, Sept. 2 at 24. He was reportedly working on an album with Mad Decent and famously collaborated with Diplo on the 2012 hit “Express Yourself.”

Diplo issued a series of tweets mourning the loss and celebrating Nicky’s role in the New Orleans and bounce music scene, as well as crediting his part in building Diplo’s own career.

Nicky’s management has said that the rapper passed after suffering from a brief illness but has offered no other details at this time.

The Mad Decent Block Party heads to Canada this weekend to kick off the final month of the tour. Diplo updated his Diplo & Friends Playlist to help get everyone excited.