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Nicole Franzel, 21-year-old nursing school graduate, was evicted from the Big Brother house not once, but twice! After winning the right to reenter the game from the jury house, Nicole was right back out the door just two votes later. What does she think about her second go-round, the people that refuse to make a move, and her future with Hayden? We slipped some questions to Nicole on her way back to the jury house and here’s what she had to say.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Which was harder: being voted out the first time or the second?

NICOLE: The second, I don’t know why.

You mentioned to Julie that you never felt totally into the game once you got back in. Why is that?

I think because I knew I was already voted out once. I had no allies in the house. And everyone seemed much closer and more unified than it was before.

In your final speech before being voted out, you implored people to “stop playing big baby and start playing Big Brother.” Who are the biggest babies in the house?

Caleb, for sure. Cody. I feel like they are all babies, actually, to be honest.

You told Derrick his play reminded you of Big Brother great Dan Gheesling. Do you believe that or were you just stroking his ego?

Honestly, I think there was some truth to it because I know he has thrown some competitions trying to play the weak player, and he is on everyone’s good side. Everyone likes him as much as they liked Dan during his game. As far as how strategic Dan was, I don’t know if Derrick could compare. But I think he is definitely playing Dan’s game.

You said to Victoria that you thought Frankie was going to get nominated instead of her after the veto. Did anyone tell you that was going to happen or did you just have a hunch?

Derrick kind of told me he was trying to get me to not be the target, so I just assumed by process of elimination that it would have to be Frankie, because Derrick wouldn’t put Cody on the block.

Last time you were voted out you seemed a bit skeptical about your future outside of the game with Hayden. Did that change after your time in the jury house together?

Yeah, I think that now that we got to hang out, we know that we like each other. I didn’t want to look like a creep and say that I liked him, and have him say he didn’t like me. But now I am not afraid because we know we like each other. But I have no idea if it will go anywhere because we live so far apart.

What were the best and worst things about your Big Brother experience?

The best things were experiencing classic competitions, those for sure. I think I will have lifelong friendships from this. Experiencing even being a have not, just everything that makes up Big Brother. The worst would have been when I felt super alone and like there was nothing I could do to stay in the game. Just feeling super defeated.

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