Credit: Everett Collection

Finally, Seinfeld’s puffy shirt makes an appearance in a place that makes sense—the ice skating rink.

On Nov. 16, the Bakersfield Condors, a minor-league hockey team associated with the Edmonton Oilers, will be wearing specially made ‘puffy shirt’ jerseys in honor of Seinfeld’s 25th anniversary. Below is a mock-up of what the jerseys will look like.

The jerseys will feature the names of Seinfeld characters instead of the players’ surnames: Jerry, George, Kramer, Newman, Frank Costanza, Puddy, J. Peterman, Steinbrenner, Morty Seinfeld, Uncle Leo, Art Vandelay, Kenny Bania, Lloyd Braun, Jackie Chiles, Crazy Joe Davola, Mandelbaum, Bubble Boy, Keith Hernandez, Mickey Abbott, and Assman.

The entire night will be devoted to the beloved show about nothing, as Ozmo Kramer, the ‘world’s greatest Kramer impersonator,’ according to the Condors’ website, will be dropping in to drop the puck and interact with fans. There will also be an assortment of Seinfeld-related games and prizes, including an Elaine’s ‘little-kicks’ dance-off, a costume contest with a marble rye prize, and a rickshaw race on the ice.

The jerseys will be auctioned off to benefit the M.A.R.E. Riding Center in Bakersfield. Ten bucks says the ‘Assman‘ jersey will top off at the highest bid. It was, after all, the summer of butts.


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