By Jake Perlman
Updated September 04, 2014 at 08:59 PM EDT
Joan Rivers | This critically acclaimed documentary followed Rivers as she tried to stage a comeback. Brutally honest, it featured the comedian talking about her fallout with Carson,…
Credit: IFC

When news spread on Thursday of the death of Joan Rivers at age 81, fans, co-stars, and fellow comedians remembered her legacy as a sharp-tongued leading lady in comedy. As you look back, here is a list of some of Joan’s best work, and where you can watch them online.

Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work – Netflix

The 2010 documentary followed a year in the life of Rivers as she recalled the death of her husband and chronicled the filming of The Celebrity Apprentice with daughter Melissa.

Spaceballs – Netflix

Rivers provided the voice of droid Dot Matrix in Mel Brooks’ space parody and later reprised her role in the animated series.

Joan Rivers: Don’t Start with Me – Netflix, Hulu Plus

Returning to what she does best, Rivers is as sharp as ever in this 2012 stand-up special.

That Show with Joan Rivers Hulu

All 65 episodes of this 1968 gabfest featured a theme (i.e. nudism, natural childbirth) with Joan welcoming both experts and celebrity guests to discuss the subject.

Emmy Legends Interview YouTube

For many, Rivers will also be remembered for her pioneering coverage of celebrities and red-carpet fashion. In this part of the interview (the entire thing is available in pieces on the TV Legends YouTube channel), she shares how she got her first opportunity on E! and how she revolutionized that part of the business.

Comedy Central Roast YouTube

This time, it was Rivers who was the butt of the jokes as Kathy Griffin hosted a roast in her honor. The entire thing is available in parts on YouTube.