Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Once again proving that Fast & Furious is the nexus of all action-movie realities, Fast Five enemy and Furious Six frenemy Dwayne Johnson has officially joined the DC Universe.

The wrestler-turned-actor-turned-franchise mercenary tweeted the news himself.:

The Shazam movie will be produced by New Line, a subsidiary of Warner Bros. Feel free to speculate wildly that the New Line superhero universe is to the Warner Bros. superhero universe as Vertigo is to DC–or just click here to see what New Line president Toby Emmerich told EW about Shazam. The Rock’s announcement implies that development on the film is proceeding quickly, although it’s still unknown who will be playing the heroic Shazam—or, for that matter, Shazam’s teenaged alter ego, Billy Batson.

In most versions of his origin story, Black Adam is the immortal, power-mad son of an ancient Pharaoh, so if you squint it’s possible to imagine the Shazam film as a spiritual sequel to The Scorpion King. Additionally, it is important to point out that Vin Diesel is affiliated with Marvel, and Dwayne Johnson is affiliated with DC, so their epic fight scene from Fast Five can retroactively be considered the movie version of Superman vs. The Amazing Spider-Man. Except, like, Black Adam vs. The Amazing Groot this time.


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