Warner Bros’ explicit attempt to conjure up their own superhero-movie mega-franchise has led to a summer of tantalizing hints and possible red herrings. Is Dwayne Johnson playing Shazam…or is he playing Shazam’s nemesis? Will the Aquaman movie feel 300-y or Castle-ish? If Guillermo Del Toro talks about a movie, does that mean it’s definitely happening or definitely not happening?

Possible clarity about WB’s DC plans comes from the news, initially reported by TechTimes, that the studio has registered four key domain names that auger big things for some major DC characters. The domains are:

Currently, going to any of those URLs takes you to Warner Bros. website. But it seems likely that, soon enough, they’ll take you to the homepages of the four movies WB will release after Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Wonder Woman always seemed like a natural choice, given all the hullabaloo around the casting of Gal Gadot as the Amazon in BvS: DoJ. And it’s been widely rumored that Jason “Khal Drogo” Momoa will have some kind of appearance in the movie as Aquaman, a character who is totally awesome and completely deserves a spinoff no matter what your douchebag older brother says.

The fact that WB is inching forward on a Shazam movie is probably the most surprising–although Johnson practically talked more about Shazam this summer than Hercules, so maybe it’s not surprising. Keep in mind that these are just domain names and actual announcements could be months/years away. But now we know decisively that Warner Bros. isn’t not making an Aquaman movie.


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