For those of you that don’t want the world to know about your embarrassing binge-watching habits, Netflix has made discreet entertainment a whole lot easier: The streaming service has changed the way its Internet video subscribers link to their Facebook accounts.

Before, everything that you watched on your queue would be disclosed to any other friends on the social media site that also had the two accounts linked. Starting Tuesday, the new system allows the subscriber to specifically select which videos they would want to recommend and to which of their friends. If you prefer to not let anyone else know how much you’re enjoying that sushi documentary or Friday Night Lights, you can simply turn the sharing feature off.

“There are a lot of people on Facebook that you don’t really know that well,” Cameron Johnson, Netflix’s director of product development said. “If you are really moved by a piece of content and you know someone in your life that would like it, you are going to want them to watch it too, so you can talk about it and get excited about it together.”

The Facebook recommendations can come in a number of ways. If both the recommender and the recipient of the recommendation are Netflix subscribers with accounts connected to Facebook, the recommendation will appear at the top of the recipient’s Netflix page with the Facebook profile picture of whoever recommended the video alongside. If a subscriber wants to make a recommendation to a friend who doesn’t have a Netflix account linked to his or her Facebook profile, a message will be sent to his or her Facebook account instead to notify them that, hey, someone thinks you should be watching something.

Netflix, home to the Emmy-winning series Orange Is the New Black and House of Cards, first began offering Facebook sharing options to U.S. subscribers 18 months ago after persuading lawmakers to revise a 1988 law that banned the disclosure of video rentals without the customer’s written consent.