Few comic book characters have received a bigger boost from a movie adaptation than Loki, Son of Odin. Before 2011’s Thor, Loki was generally rendered as a malicious grinning creep, a “trickster” bad guy with less substance than a season-3 Adam West Batman villain.

There were occasional exceptions–but nothing that ever matched the geekosphere-spanning depth charge of Tom Hiddleston’s scene-stealing performance. Hiddleston gave Loki an air of dreamy-tragic cool–he’s Asgard’s rebel without a cause–and then Avengers gave Hiddleston a greatest-hits selection of villainous one-liners. The character was practically the co-lead in Thor: The Dark World–and in a franchise that’s shockingly low on even halfway decent villains, he’s arguably just as important for the ongoing health of the onscreen Marvelverse as any of the non-Downey superheroes.

This year saw the debut of a pretty good Loki solo series, but it seems unlikely that we’ll get a Loki solo film anytime soon. Heck, it’s still unclear when we’ll get another Thor movie. So now here’s the next best thing. Loki: Brother of Thor is a fanmade film that mashes together Loki’s scenes in Avengers and the Thors, plus deleted scenes and other bonus content. (The fan’s name is “Loki Odinson.” Maybe he’s working on more intra-Marvel spinoffs? Darcy: Intern of Jane? Erik: Loser of Pants?)

As you might expect, the music is better at the beginning, the dialogue is better in the middle, and for some reason there are a bunch of evil boring elves towards the end. The edit peaks early, with an opening montage that features a brief shot of Tom Hiddleston’s original Thor audition. Also, any fans of subtext will appreciate how Loki: Brother of Thor removes boring ol’ Jane from the equation. Check it out:


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