By Chris Harrison
Updated September 02, 2014 at 12:00 PM EDT

Another week, another amazing series of events in beautiful Mexico. Paradise has really lived up to its name, but not everyone is treating it as such so far. Sarah may have perfectly summed up Bachelor in Paradise for some of the guys on the show this week: sun, drinks, and hooking up with chicks. The good news is that there are still plenty of men and women here for more legitimate, sincere reasons. Cody in one of those sincere men who is looking for love and apparently he’s found it. He told Michelle he’s in love with her and it absolutely freaked her out. It freaked her out so much that she apparently lost her mind and went to Jesse, of all people, to get dating advice.

We decided to give Marcus a date card this week, but he’s so in love with Lacy that we decided to have a little fun with him and Lacy when it came to writing the card. I think they appreciated the sentiment. They have a beautiful thing going here in Paradise, and it’s been fun to watch them find love. Marcus has already expressed his love for Lacy but she’s never said it herself until now… kind of? She told Marcus she was falling in love with him. Is that the same thing? How will she know when the fall is complete? The good news is Marcus doesn’t care because he has stars in his eyes and is head over heels in love with this woman, and I know Lacy truly cares for him, too. Now, can we discuss Lacy on the date and her trying to discuss the “stage-lights” or “stag-mites” or whatever those things are that rise and hang in caves? She then followed up with this gem when she said “it’s all so natural in nature.” Ron Burgundy couldn’t have said it better himself. As we say back home, bless her heart.

Brooks was the first new arrival this week, and it sent Sarah into a tailspin. Yes, the girl that was begging for love, a date and attention from one of the guys and seems to have found it with Robert now has her eyes on Brooks. It took all of two seconds for Sarah to want to drop Robert like third period French and go after Brooks. In fact she was about to dump the poor guy when he pulled an ace out of his sleeve with the note and the date on the beach. Suddenly Sarah was the happiest, luckiest girl in the world. So Brooks ended up taking Jackie on a date to Casa Banana, which loosely translated means house banana, I think. In all seriousness, this is a great place to eat dinner in Tulum. Brooks and Jackie hit it off and all the sudden there was a battle for Jackie’s heart between Brooks and Zach.

Christy was in the process of explaining what a fantastic guy Jesse was when Tasos came rolling up the beach to join the fun. Tasos took Michelle Money aside and everybody thought he was going to ask her out. Thank God he didn’t because Cody get mad, Cody not happy, Cody smash Tasos! (Read that in your best Hulk voice). Let’s just say it wouldn’t have been a good scene and Tasos probably would’ve walked away with a limp. But he was actually just seeking advice. Luckily for Christy, Michelle steered Tasos her way and he asked her out. They had an incredibly romantic date that couldn’t have gone better.

The battle for Jackie’s attention raged on between Zach and Brooks. Brooks was about to pull a smooth move and take Jackie out that night when Zach got a date card and killed the drill. Zach took Jackie out and it proved to be the death knell for Brooks. Zach and Jackie hit it off, and he made the most of his time. Hey, guys: Did you notice that Zach didn’t ask Jackie if it was okay to kiss her? He actually took the initiative and kissed the woman. I know it’s a crazy concept. As I said, this was the end for Brooks, who had just arrived here in Paradise. It was a good horse race, but Zach took over down the stretch and finished strong. I wonder what would’ve happened if Brooks had arrived a few weeks earlier before Sarah and Robert had solidified their connection.

The other big story at the rose ceremony was Jesse. What can you say about this guy that women all over the world weren’t saying as they threw up in their mouths and threw stuff at their TVs. I don’t think he could’ve done more to make himself look worse. Once he realized he wasn’t getting a rose he decided to shame and guilt Christy and leave on his own accord. Some of the ladies rallied around Christy and had her confront Jesse before he could sneak away, but it really wasn’t much of a confrontation. Michelle and Lacy did all they could to help and support her, but Christy just couldn’t articulate her thoughts and feelings when she needed to most. But she did nail him with one final thought before he could get away “have a safe flight”….. damn, burn.

As you saw in the previews, everything is about to change in Paradise. This was the last rose ceremony. No more date cards and no more dates… well, that’s not exactly true. Many have questioned how all this ends. What I can tell you is that these relationships are about to be put to the test and only the strongest will survive. It is a finale that will be unlike anything you have ever seen before on our show. You won’t want to miss the final night in Paradise next Monday! Grab your margaritas and get ready for the final episode of a lifetime!

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