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September 01, 2014 at 04:51 PM EDT
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Things are always heating up on TNT’s Dallas, but with Elena sleeping with John Ross to get her hands on the letter that details J.R.’s plan for the Ewings to frame Cliff for his murder, they’re about to reach a boil. One man who always keeps his cool is Patrick Duffy (Bobby), which he proves taking our Pop Culture Personality Test. Watch the video and read the transcript below. Dallas airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on TNT.

EW: Who was your first celebrity crush?

DUFFY: Lynda Carter. I did a talk show with my wife, actually. We were doing a game show with Betty White and her husband, Allen Ludden, and they said, “Who is the person that your husband would have a crush on now?” And she went, “Lynda Carter.” And then I got to kiss her and marry her on a TV show. It was called Daddy, and I was her first on-camera kiss. Wedding and bedding Lynda Carter—what a tough job I have.

What is your prized pop culture possession?

I have a couple of things that I didn’t think were valuable pop culture items until my children told me, “Don’t throw those away.” So I have a couple of Man from Atlantis yellow swimsuits. I have the eyes that I had to put in my eyes before I did all the underwater shots. And I have all of my Man from Atlantis scripts. My pop culture things are really from my own previous incarnation on television.

Do you have a go-to karaoke song?

No. But for some reason, it’s not a karaoke song, but I will drive myself crazy with the opening line from the Welcome Back, Kotter theme. And it won’t leave my head. And I try and get it out. [Sings] “Welcome back, your dreams were your ticket out.” It goes, and I go, “Shut up!” And I’ll do it while I’m being Bobby on-camera, it doesn’t matter. It’s just going on a loop through my head. Gabe Kaplan, I’ll kill him when I see him. I mean, if I ever saw him on the street, I’d just hit him with a stick.

What movie do you always quote?

I quote a couple of movies, one that I quote and I love it when people know the quote, because it means we like the same movie. All I have to do is look at somebody and say, “Say when.” And that’s what Val Kilmer said in Tombstone as Doc Holliday. And it was one of the best performances in film I have ever seen an actor do. When he looked before he drew a gun and said, “Say when.”

Final score: A man of impeccable taste

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