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This week, Parks and Recreation character Ben Wyatt’s nerd dreams came true—Cones of Dunshire is a real game being played in real life, at a gaming convention, no less.

The board-game-within-a-television show concept turned meta when game publisher Mayfair Games brought a real-life, playable version of Cones of Dunshire to Gen Con, the annual gaming conference in Indianapolis. According to Vulture, 33 tickets sold for charity were sold out within six hours, and played on an huge carpet for spectators and cone enthusiasts to watch and point.

It all began as a cold open that showcased Wyatt’s (Adam Scott) tireless pursuit of all things nerd while in between jobs. After being laid off from his latest job, Wyatt created Cones of Dunshire, an 8-to-12 player board game made out of cones, hexagons, wizards, and a captain’s hat that the “Ledgerman,” or scorekeeper, would wear. According to Vulture, Mayfair Games provided Parks and Recreation with the game, which was made to be reminiscent of Wyatt favorites like Dungeons and Dragons and Settlers of Catan (a game which Mayfair also publishes), except with a lot more cones. A lot of them.

In character, Scott created a video advertising the game at GenCon, labeling himself as an “architect,” much to Tom Haverford’s (Aziz Ansari) total disgust, since he’s pretty much allergic to all things geek and nerd. As Wyatt reminds everyone, “It’s about the cones.”

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