You remember how the Death Star could destroy an entire planet? And you remember how the Sun Crusher could destroy an entire solar system? Actually, you probably don’t remember that second part, since the Sun Crusher hails from the Jedi Academy trilogy, and the new Star Wars movies have already destroyed the entire Expanded Universe that produced the Jedi Academy trilogy. And that Expanded Universe also includes the comic books published for over two decades by Dark Horse comics.

Dark Empire? Crimson Empire? The notion that, five thousand years before Luke Skywalker was born, spaceships had sails? Dark Empire II? That time in Rogue Squadron when a Mon Calamari lady fell in love with a Quarren dude, which in real-talk equals Fish-Head Girl fell for Squid-Head Boy? All gone, at least as far as beloved new Emperor Disney is concerned.

Or maybe not completely gone. Marvel Entertainment announced today that they’d be republishing some of the Dark Horse comics in a paperback called Star Wars Legends Epic Collection: The Empire, Volume 1. The first collection brings together issues from a few different Dark Horse series, all of which center on the period between Episode III and Episode IV. (Let’s call it the Interquel Period, why not?)

However, the announcement promises that future installments will “be bouncing around to different periods of Star Wars history.” So there may be hope yet for future generations who hope to introduce their children to the tragic tale of Ulic Qel-Droma, which is a name I almost spelled from memory.

Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

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