Fox is working on a new drama, and it’s no snooze: The network confirmed on Wednesday that it is developing Nod, a prospective series based on Adrian Barnes’ novel about most of the world’s citizens losing the ability to sleep, but for some mysterious reason, they aren’t getting tired.

Jason Richman (Lucky 7, Detroit 1-8-7) will executive produce and write the script for the show, which is focused through the eyes of Tanya and Paul, an “intersominial couple.” As one of “the Awakened,” Tanya is thriving without sleep while Paul is the one of the few people still saddled with the need for zzzz’s.

“But when signs of deprivation start to show among the Awakened,” reads the logline, “the bonds of friendship and love get tested in unexpected ways… because if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.”